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Long but not low

The nuchal ligament is an elastic structure inserted at one end on the dorsal spinous process of the fourth thoracic vertebra and attached at the other end on the cervical vertebrae and the skull. The general consensus is that the nuchal ligament supports the head in an alert position, yet stretches enough to allow grazing. In reality, in reality the opposite is true, the nuchal ligament is not under tension when the horse holds the head and neck in an alert posture.


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Science Of Motion® Decarpentry In-Hand Mix

An old Master told me one day, “Two peoples are necessary to entertain a pulling contest, the horse and you.” The statement confused me at first since the horse was pulling on the reins. I realized later that the horse could only pull on the reins if I was pulling too. This awareness made me realize that in most instances, the rider initiates the pulling contest. The Decarpentry - In Hand Mix System does not allow the horse to find constant contact on the bit converting any attempt of the horse to push heavily on the bit into a lateral flexion of the poll.


Equine Sacrolliac Joint by Jean Luc Cornille

The large document explains how the therapy Through Motion can achieve successful rehabilitation. The Therapy Through Motion can be executed riding the horse, if the rider is open to a better equitation, or working in-hand if the therapist is not a rider. The technique is pertinent and therefore different from all usual riding and in hand techniques. This is by far the most useful document helping riders to prevent or rehabilitate this serious problem


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