Tina and Bridget Jones

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Paraphrasing Einstein, Impossible does not became possible doing the same thing. The science of motion is not another therapy; it is a new way of thinking. Finding the lesion and attributing the lameness to the lesion is the traditional approach. The science of motion researches, identifies and corrects the root cause of the kinematics abnormality causing the lesion. From this perspective "impossible" rehabilitations became possible. The science goes beyond finding and correcting the root cause. The practical application demandes engaging the horse's intelligence at a much deeper level that all existing training techniques and therapies. When the dialogue is about exploring a body coordination offering ease and effortlessness, the horse is capable of mental processing that not any approach believes and could even imagine. A horse became sound because we identify and correct the source of the kinematics abnormality causing the lesion. But the horse is going further, The horse figures ways to compensate for his problem. Everyone knows that, but without the help of a handler, rider, basically a science of motion therapist, the horse compensates protecting his problem, which in turn, aggravates the problem. It is the task of the rider to soundly understand how the horse's physique works in the light of new knowledge, and guiding the horse's mental processing toward the body coordination, including the compensation, allowing sound locomotion. This is the pertinent teaching of the Science of Motion. Tina did and does that with her horse. Bridget Jones was in terrible shape and she was further destroyed by conventional approaches. Tina researched, and researched more and found us. We are delighted helping Tina and Bridget Jones walking together toward their recovery. Jean Luc   

Tina here: Introducing Bridget Jones aka “BJ” American Drum horse age 16-17. Named Bridget Jones because we “love her just the way she is” – well until SOM – now we want to change her biomechanics ;) I waited some 45 years to have a horse, I longed for one as far back I can remember. It’s is time to say - Thank you Jean Luc and Helyn from the bottom of my heart. I promised myself I will not post until I read every single post in this forum starting with year 2012. I had so many questions I was hoping I can find the answers. It exceeded my expectations. It’s done, I read it all, every single post. I also hesitated to post publically for JLC says “doing better” is not what he accept he wants soundness and we are still on the way to recover.

It’s a long story, I am what they call “green on green” I started to ride at age 47. For 2.5 years I followed advice of professionals, even FEI trainer/judge, vets and ferries. I documented 3 years in photos and videos on almost daily basis of BJ’s life. On March 1st 2017 I turn my back on everything and had nowhere to turn to, but I refused to do the same thing over again. It was making no sense and I knew it, I just did not have solution to follow. I found JLC by looking for T/L junction on web. I have ordered 90 books by masters and 35 of them I read 2x, I felt I did not understand. Then finally SOM. I knew there is something terribly wrong with the FEI way for after every lesson (for 1.5 years I leased a warmblood to ride 3 x per week while BJ is recovering) I was telling at home to my husband/groom/astrophysicist: “I would never dance like that” (I know what real athlete is, I was an athlete in my youth training 2x a day achieving international and national class in Latin-American and Ballroom). I will keep it short even though I am very angry at the system. I tried many techniques and nothing worked until SOM.

JLC you did it! You saved my horse and now we are riding and I will let BJ to determine what is the celling. I wanted to write all my frustrations here, but I will leave it in the past that’s where it belongs. One video documents BJ improvement doing SOM at hand/lunging from March to September 2017 and the other summarize it overall 3 years till September 2017. I mix my own food and now we feed her much more to get muscles she is huge about 1800 lb. This year we had no colic, no meds no painkillers not even supplements like adequan. BJ used to have colic all the time ended up in surgery in 2016. She has been diagnosed with double ring bone-both front feet, arteritis in hocks and immune mediated illness pemphigus coronitis among other illnesses which we had to pull through. Then followed horrendous accident in fall 2016 and after that it all just went down to abyss.

You girls are all special people as I read your posts, I felt/shared your frustration, admired your successes and it helped me to go on, curve my emotions so I did not have to post to whine. I have been peeling off layers of protective mechanism. I have engineering degree that’s how I knew there is something really wrong with the way they all perceive or rather do not perceive gravitational effect and other forces around us. I will follow up soon with some riding vid/progress when I feel we are doing well enogh in riding. For first time in 3 years I am enjoying alive, self-thinking, fairly healthy horse. On the video she still have inverted rotation and now I am teaching myself to ride. I would love to experience again in my life the beauty of movement when 2 bodies are in synch but this time it will be horse (drum horse) instead of male dance partner.

Note: yes, like I don’t know, she is a draft so If any of you have one of these comments on draft horse or their movement trust me, I know balance/elegance/dance better than many and I heard all such comments already. I know you are different crowd, just sayin… ;)

Finally, thank you for all the post and questions girls. Helyn and JLC you made my dream of 45 year in waiting possible to continue. Thank you both.

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