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Jul 27

  posted by Pamela  Houghton from United States on 27.07.12 09:59

First, I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed your website and videos, both due to your heart and scientific explanations.
One of my 3 horses is an OTTB, now age 20. When she threw me and did a gallop depart off my right ankle, I had a lot of time while healing from the severe fractures/dislocations to meditate on whether I should,as only a moderately skilled rider, be riding her after I recovered. I did for a short time but felt that another accident would have a big impact on both my marriage and profession, so I retired her. Actually she is a wonderful partner in the equine assisted emotional work that I do but I no longer ride her. Anyway, the accident was nearly 8 years ago and though she has 24/7 turnout in a small pasture with her herd mates, I am seeing muscle wasting and evidence of limbo-sacral strain that looks pretty old and may have been one reason she was so reactive at times under saddle. Do you have any suggestions as to what might be appropriate exercise for her? She doesn't particularly enjoy chiropractic or massage though she is stoic about putting up with necessary veterinary procedures. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.
Pamela Houghton, ND, LAc
P.S. If you email me back and it won't go through, which occasionally happens with aol, could you try my other email, which is info@drpamelahoughton.com
Thank you

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