This is part of the study “Foreleg” which is going to be presented In October at the 2018 International Conference at Science Of Motion Farm.

This picture is the left shoulder part of the left foreleg.

At first, we are going to separate the front limb form the trunk, turning it like the pages of a book.

This is the inside of the shoulder. The front limb was separated from the trunk and turned around like a door. The front part on the right of the picture is the scapulo-humeral joint

On this view, the left front limb is partially separated from the trunk. The view is taken from behind the limb. The trunk is on the right, the front limb is on the left, The elbow is the grey area on the bottom left of the picture.

What you see between the limb and the trunk is named axilla.

The limb has been abducted to display the axilla more completely.

The axillary structures are the nerves, blood vessels, tendon, ligaments, that are designed to permit the movements of the limb, up, down, back, fore, transversal etc., around the trunk.

This is one of the many reasons why pretending that lifting the heel from the shoe is going to lift the trunk and even the scapula, is unacceptable. There is a structure designed to absorbe a diversity of movements because a large diversity of movements occur between the shoulder and the trunk.

Gravity is acting downward and there are many structures that will absorb the heel adjustment before it could lift the trunk or the scapula.   Jean Luc Cornille