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Science Of Motion® Lunging with tradition (Decarpentry) and Modern Science (Science Of Motion) DVD

This unedited video of a full lunging session shows physiologically correct movement, (natural cadence), verses fast forward motion. At the walk, trot, and canter, correct movement is point out while incorrect movement, when it happens, is underlined and explained. The lunging technique, the choice of body language instead of voice commands, the easy to teach cues which allow sound education are also explained. This is not a demonstration abundantly edited to accredit preconceived opinion. This video is a non-edited lunging session showing good and bad moments and how bad moments are analyzed and converted into sound gymnastic for the horse.




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Gift of Soundness

28.99  USD


A gifted horse will lead a good rider to victory.

A great rider will give to the horse the gift of soundness.

Jean Luc Cornille
Poster 18 x 24 inches


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2 to 4 weeks for delivery