True Horsemanship

True Horsemanship

An unethical and incompetent cowboy used the video clip of Chazot rearing to promote his own video. Beside the fact that minimum decency and professional ethic would have been to ask us for permission, the problem is that this type of trainers do not have the competence to handle problems of Chazot's magnitude. As a result, the cowboy provides dangerous advises. We have tried alerting Youtube and just went nowhere. We decided then to make the story public principally to make it clear that this video clip has been used without our consent and that we do not agree at all with the man's rhetoric.

At first, the internet conversation went well, courteous and interesting thoughts. Soon, blue brain type of internet addicts (a brain turns blue when it is not used), entered the game and what could have been an interesting discussion turned into a series of worthless opinions. We are not interested by this type of exchange and therefore, we blocked these uneducated opinions and closed the discussion.

One of the useless opinions was, "I don't like peoples who allow a horse to rear.” Well, here is the question. In less than one second, a horse goes from quiet working trot to straight up in the air. Either you like it or not, you have to deal with a situation. There is no easy answer but there is a way to lead the horse out of physical pain and mental stress. The key is identifying the root cause.

There are two schools of thought, one is old cowboy tricks, the other is real horsemanship and therefore horse sense. In our view, real horsemanship is advanced knowledge of the horse's biological mechanism allowing developing and coordinating efficiently the horse's physique for the athletic demand of the performance. To do so, real horsemanship is about respecting the horse's intelligence and knowing how to guide the horse's brain toward the appropriated body coordination. This has little to do with social order and domination.

The discussion was interesting and definitively useful because the old cowboy tricks, bending the neck, throwing the horse onto the ground, pepper spraying, roping one leg, etc., simply do not work. Even worse, they might work for one month or two giving to the rider the false safety that the problem is resolved and therefore, exposing the rider to injury. Often, one inoffensive event strikes the horse's memory bringing back the problem.

We have decided then to further the discussion the way we do things, a sound combination of science, physiology, psychology, experience and humor. Chazot was very violent and mentally fixed on rearing in response to every single event of his life. He does not rear anymore under the saddle because we did not applied tricks. Instead, we addressed the root cause of the problem. The video document is on the making. Here is the cover.      Jean Luc Cornille


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