From a rider father and mother stylist, I was born into a world inhabited

by horses and sketches of fashion ... Before speaking, and I drew the picture became my language.

Rider in my turn, I am in constant contact with horses since childhood and very close to the animal world.

After studying philosophy, communication and graphic design and illustration in Paris, I began as a graphic designer in a studio in Paris.

Can I practice as an independent, primarily in the equestrian field. Meanwhile I started exhibiting in France and abroad.

Painting and sculpture are quickly becoming my main activity.

Current exhibitions :

Cavalcado-Saint-Germain en Laye

“Entre Sable et Bruyère” Gallery in Sully sur Loire, France

organizes an annual contemporary art fair in which I participate again this year, and at which I received three times the price of animal painting.

Marceau-Gallery in Nantes, France

Neel-Gallery, Paris and Cannes, where I represented the contemporary art fair Palm Beach in Cannes from April 22 to 25,

Greenlane Gallery in Dingle, landmark races in Ireland

Fiumano-fine art in London

which I represented at the Royal College of Art for the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in 2007, then at the Cartier International Polo in July 2008, and the Affordable Art Fair and the 20/21 International Art Fair in 2009 ...

Chisholm Gallery Pine Plains, New York, famous gallery throughout the world of horses in the USA.

My methods of work, my artistic “way”:

I begin my paintings by covering the canvas with black.

Then each time I paint the eye.

Sometimes the artwork stops there, though I have not managed to get the expression, the emotion I was looking for.

The eye is a door that opens and lets in light and makes the exchange possible.

Seek the light in the darkness, is the adventure of all my paintings,

often almost monochromatic, because I reach my goal with a minimum

resources and little repentance…