Hello, about the horse whos elbow jabbed his ribcage what work corrected the problem? Thank ...
Thank you Susan...I do love my family and way of life. I know I am ...
What a paradise for these two grand horses - regardless of which side of the ...
Hello Helyn,    Ibought your video some time ago. I have a copy in brown at home......same ...
Thank you Sue....it is a special relationship between two very special ones..;)
That is just about the most precious thing I have ever seen. So sweet.
Love it!
Thank you Lyndsey glad you like the videos.  The pasture here has many hard roots and ...
Thanks so much for this update! This particular video has been the most helpful to ...

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Monthly Archives: JULY 2011


Stable scoop Radio Interviews Jean Luc Cornille

Jean Luc Cornille


 Helena and Jenn take on Jean Luc Cornille and his fascinating Science of Motion philosophy of horsemanship.  Tune in to find out what’s making Jenn’s brain cell’s sweat…on Stable Scoop Radio



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07.01.11 13:14


Chazot Introduction To Jumping

Jean Luc Cornille and Chazot lesson in jumping

Chazot does his first jump...Letting the horse process the game of jump.


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30.07.11 19:34


Lunging with tradition (Decarpentry) and Modern Science (Science Of Motion) DVD

Chazot and Jean Luc Cornille

Information on Jean Luc Cornille DVD which can be purchased at scienceofmotion.com 

This unedited video of a full lunging session shows physiologically correct movement, (natural cadence), verses fast forward motion. At the walk, trot, and canter, correct movement is point out while incorrect movement, when it happens, is underlined and explained. The lunging technique, the choice of body language instead of voice commands, the easy to teach cues which allow sound education are also explained. This is not a demonstration abundantly edited to accredit preconceived opinion. This video is a non-edited lunging session showing good and bad moments and how bad moments are analyzed and converted into sound gymnastic for the horse.

The purpose here is not to promote lunging but rather present a technique minimizing the damages caused by long lunging sessions.

The two elements that are minimizing the side effects of lunging are for one, adding as many straight lines as possible and for two, maintaining the horse at his natural cadence. Cues and voice commands are useful as long as they are reduced to the minimum.


Decarpentry's technique works well if the horse has been trained to give a very light contact on the bit. By contrast, the technique may rapidly over-bend the horse's neck if the horse is leaning heavily on the bit or the trainer is maintaining a strong contact on the lunge line.




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15.05.11 21:19