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Thank you Susan...I do love my family and way of life. I know I am ...
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Thank you Sue....it is a special relationship between two very special ones..;)
That is just about the most precious thing I have ever seen. So sweet.
Love it!
Thank you Lyndsey glad you like the videos.  The pasture here has many hard roots and ...
Thanks so much for this update! This particular video has been the most helpful to ...

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Chazot Day 12

The Making Of Chazot

Today Chazot finds collection on day 12 of in hand work with Jean Luc Cornille
In this specific day, the temperature was cool and the wind was blowing. The horse was quite hot but showed right away that is energy level want him to blow up but his mind want him to stay in harmony with me. The solution that the horse offered was a trot with quite good balance control. In the last few sessions, the horse did not really found the solution for the trot. Instead of using the biomechanical properties of his back, he was trying to sustain a slow trot braking with the forelegs. Today, his mind was stimulated by the weather but wanted also to remain in harmony. His brain figured that using the back muscles he was able to control his balance and thereof sustaining the trot using the propulsive phase of the forelegs rather than the braking phase. Considering the mental processing going on and his energy level it was more appropriate to go with him and encourage the trot right away. We will see if the next few days if his mind will be able to duplicate today's discovery. If yes, the horse basically found by himself the coordination of the back muscles that allow the combination of balance control and forward movement. In one world, the biomechanics of collection. Jean Luc cornille


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20.12.09 16:39


[ posted by Susan Hopf, 21.12.09 09:57 ]

Amazing progress and I sure do love that there was no forcing - just allowing the horse to work it out by himself - lovely!!


[ posted by Helyn, 21.12.09 10:06 ]

Watching him work this out was amazing...he is such an intense horse...to put it midly..:) Smart...his progress is uplifting..will be in saddle soon..;) yeehaw..;)


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