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Sep 17


  posted by helyn on 17.09.14 11:26 as Equine Science


In academic education as well as in academic equitation, there are three types of learners, superficial learners, strategic learners and deep learners. Superficial learners are satisfied with training techniques moving the horse side way holding the reins and touching the limbs with a whip or a bamboo pole. They only consider the gesture without any understanding and even concern for the athletic demand that the gesture imposes on the horse’s physique. Superficial learners don’t question how the horse does it. Superficial learners accept leg-yielding as a rational movement. They are not concerned with the fact that leg-yielding induces inverted rotation of the thoracic spine. As long as the horse moves side way, superficial learners believe that they are doing dressage. Superficial learners regard shoulder for as a small shoulder in.


Strategic learners further their knowledge but mostly to pass the exam or satisfy the judging standards. Most riders ...


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