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Jun 20


  posted by helyn on 20.06.11 14:28 as Equine Science

As we explore a new approach to equine athletic training, we meet resistances simply because it is part of human nature to resist progresses. The most sordid argument against equestrian evolution is definitely, "I cannot follow this approach because I like to show.” Yet the main reason for applying advances in scientific knowledge is to better prepare the horse’s physique for the requirements of modern competitions. Both in the dressage and the hunter jumper rings, judging standards are crippling horses because they are based on poor knowledge of the equine physiology. A horse cannot be soundly educated following these modern judging principles, but a horse can be efficiently prepared for the physical demands of these judging standards applying actual knowledge of the equine physiology. Admitting to the archaism of the judging criteria does not mean staying away from the show ring. At the contrary, it is by knowing the enemy ...

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