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Apr 25

Response to the Waspish Ghosts of Theological Thinking.

Part II

(E-mails after e-mails!  We have been submerged by riders, trainers, and horse owners recognizing ghosts around them. The surprising abundance of responses gave birth to the idea that it would be productive to compare, one by one, the empty theories that are lurking on the web with actual knowledge of the equine physiology. The purpose is not to educate the ghosts, since they already know it all, but instead to unravel the danger of opinions and theories unrelated to the horse’s physiology.)

I was cited in a reference of a strange theory and entered a discussion about the telescopic action of the neck. I pointed out that even as a metaphor, the expression "telescopic action” was inappropriate since there is no telescopic action at all in ...


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Apr 25

 Use of Nutrigenomics in Equine Research

  posted by helyn on 25.04.11 19:29 as Equine Science

Ronan F. Power, PhD

Author’s address: Center for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition, 3031 Catnip
Hill Pike, Nicholasville, KY 40356; e-mail: rpower@alltech.com.

Take Home Message

DNA microarrays are capable of examining the gene expression profile of thousands of genes in
a single experiment. Nutrigenomics is one particular application of this technology where the
genome-wide impact of nutrients on the expression of genes is used to elucidate pathways
leading to disease states, improved health, or enhanced performance. The recent publication of
the horse genome sequence will make this powerful research tool more available to those
involved in equine science.


The National Institute of Health (NIH) added the horse genome (Equus caballus) to the list of
mammals to undergo whole genome, high density sequencing in 2006.1 The purpose of the
project was to obtain a high-quality draft sequence of ...


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