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Oct 24

 Hilo Nick

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I am  in to start a revolt about the current dressage training
by the Dutch.  They have started this training method to show in public in 2006 at the WEG in Germany where I went to watch.
The spectators were livid and booohd the warm up. 
The next day they were riding behind closed doors as their safety was threatened by the outraged
spectators. So the abuse went on behind closed doors.  Interviews were giving on TV by
top riders and trainers (including Isabel and Bemelsman)- They were all careful in what they were saying. Nobody stood up to cirtizise the Dutch for training like that to quiet the public spectators.  Riding Magazines reported and judged  this 
style of riding. They were getting sued by Anky and Sjef.
 Sjef Janssen and Anky's training technique are ruining the sport.
I don't care if we won't see dressage as a discipline at the Olympics anymore as a result of a ...


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Oct 15

 Training horses

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Questions and reflections about training.....

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Oct 15

 Horse Rescues

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Information on horse rescues.

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Oct 15

 Horse Resources

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Share a horse related resource....

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Oct 15


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Jean Luc's clinics......

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