Dec 14

 Jean Luc COrnille

  posted by helyn on 14.12.14 12:56 as Yes, winning is not everything.

The SOM (Science of Motion) was initially developed for better performances in the show ring. It was about educating and coordinating the horses' physique for the athletic demands of the performances, Once in the show ring, and in order to win, it was still necessary to show what the judges wanted to see, but it was possible to greatly reduce the percentage of injuries that is epidemic in the show ring. Also, the horses showed better gaits. Once a judge asked me, Where do you find these million dollars movers?" I told him, "I make them." He laugh thinking that I was joking and say, "Good response." I did not have a sponsor and I could not afford the purchase of extraordinary movers but with appropriated education, the horse’s gaits improved dramatically. Look at the horse that could not trot.(A video SOM produced) He was dead lame and totally crippled. At the last sequence of the video, he is a world class mover. This is the main benefit of an education understanding the equine physiology. This is why we developed originally the SOM. The application to therapies came later as we observed that the vertebral column dysfunction that condemned great movers to poor gaits and performances was the reason why they became lame. There are much more great movers than one think. Most of them never show their real potential because they are submitted to systems and therefore their morphological flaw or muscle imbalance which hamper their real talent is not addressed and the horses never show their real talent. We do not make world class movers. We allow world class movers to express their full potential. The fun part is that there are more world class movers than we think and while some pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy one, we make many world class movers and for a fraction of the cost. JLC

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