Dec 31

A thirty month long investigation by Animals’ Angels reveals that dangerous handling and treatment that is unthinkable for 

a normal horse is standard practice in the horse slaughter circumstance.To be cost effective, horse slaughter subjects horses to a gauntlet of neglects, violence, terrors, and a barrage of life threatening circumstances, even before they arrive at the slaughter plant.

With repeated visits to auctions, feedlots and slaughter plants, AA investigators collected reliable, recurring evidence showing that the systemic cruelty of horse slaughter continues through the present.    

Their findings are now available to the public in Animals' Angels recently released compilation report "Savage Passage: Down the horse slaughter gauntlet" The investigators’ objective observations and their uninterpreted and factual notes of field work are the basis for this report. 

The investigations quickly revealed that being on U.S. soil is not a guarantee for humane treatment. The Animals' Angels investigators found that the cruelty starts well before the horses arrive at the slaughter plant. 

By the time the horse finally stands in the kill box, it is often not the worst thing that has happened to it since this dreadful journey began. 

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