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Oct 6

 Dressage Today Readers report

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Jean Luc Cornille shares strategies for creating suspension and improved gait

By Lindsay Street
Photo by Dylan Ray

"Be ready to be shocked,” Jean Luc Cornille told the audience gathered at Unbroke Grounds Equine Training Center in Peletier, North Carolina. And it wasn’t long before they were just that—shocked.
In a laden French accent, Jean Luc unveiled his horsemanship philosophy, something he called "intelligent equitation.” It is based on equine muscular and skeletal biomechanics, or the science of motion, the namesake of this clinic and his website, www.scienceofmotion.com.
"A lot of people are doing it (intelligent equitation) —the really good riders are ... but they cannot explain it because it is so non-conventional,” Jean Luc said. "I’m not the only one who’s doing it but probably the only one who explains it.”
Jean Luc uses research data acquired over the past half century to improve the equitation of the rider and the performance of the ...


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Sep 22

 Clinic openings for SC and NY

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Looking for hosts for Jean Luc Cornille clinics in SC and NY...contact helyn@scienceofmotion.com for information.

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Oct 15


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This section is of course for any jumping related question or comment..post away!

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