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Dec 6

 Holiday Horse Shopping DVD's Gift Of Soundness

  posted by helyn on 06.12.10 10:23 as Equine Books

Give the gift of soundness this season to your horse friends with equine DVD's by renown horse trainer Jean Luc Cornille.

Jean Luc Cornille M.A.(M.Phil) has gained worldwide recognition by applying practical science to the training of the equine athlete. Influenced by his background as a gymnast, Jean Luc deeply understands how equine training can be enhanced by contemporary scientific research. A unique combination of riding skill, training experience and extensive knowledge of the equine physiology enables Jean Luc to "translate" scientific insights into a language comprehensible to both horse and rider. This approach has been the trademark of his training.

When I was thirteen or fourteen years old, I had difficulties as young gymnast with the landing of the third summersault. The two first were executed in a collected posture and the third one was performed with the body in extension. Almost inevitably, I had ...


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