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Jan 22

  posted by Basa  Nova from United States on 22.01.11 16:38

Hi Chazot - Basa here. It is frigid up here in the north. I wear a giant purple snow suit as do the girls I share my pasture with - the humans call us the grape nuts - they think they're hilarious - we think they're the ones that are nuts. Hope things are warmer where you are. I understand that you are moving soon - hope that goes smoothly. I am sure that Helyn and JL will make it as pleasant as possible for you and your friend Mannie.

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[ posted by Chazot, 22.01.11 16:44 ]

Grape nuts! Very funny! I have a large blanket with a hood that we call my Elvis look as open in front of hood! I am really good at tearing most of them up in matter of seconds...but I like this one.
Thank you sending me a message I love hearing from my friends!


[ posted by Basa, 23.01.11 13:05 ]

Too cold here to tear off our clothing - minus 8 right now - wearing the snow suit even indoors. Did a great job of altering a fly sheet however - I looked a great deal like a very sad spider web when finished with my work - stylin in a very goth sort of way


[ posted by chazot, 23.01.11 13:07 ]

I am lol very hard at this!goth spider web ha...Great!


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